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Where do I start – users?

The first thing you will need on Benson is a login. The Benson support team will create the first user on the system, who will be the account administrator. This person will create future users. You will need that person to create an account for you.

Activate my account

To activate an account you will need to have an active email address. This can be a generic email address (gmail, yahoo etc) as it does not appear anywhere on the client side of the system. The address is used solely to login to the system and to retrieve lost passwords.

You will receive an email from hello@bensonsoftware.com and will need to follow the link contained in the email to activate your account. Read more on creating a password.

Where do I Login?

The login page can always be found at the top right of our website. We suggest you bookmark it in your browser.

Updated on Sep 26, 2018

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