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Room Rates

Viewing Room Rates

Room rates are based around room types and rate types. Both need to be set in your set up in the settings section before you can input individual room rates.

Room rates are accessed in RATES under the main menu.

To view a room rate select the ‘Room Type’ and then the ‘Rate Type’ and click ‘LOAD RATES’.

Benson will display 12 months of rates for the room and rate type you selected.

Editing Room Rates

To edit a room rate select the period you want to edit.

You can select your days by:

  • individual day
  • entire month – click the month
  • days of a month – click the day of the month to select all the mondays for example

Tip: To select a large date range take the first day and holding shift on your keyboard, select the last day. (for example 01 Jan  to 31 Dec). Benson will pre-select all 365 days.

Click ‘EDIT RATES’ (the edit button will be faded out until you select at least one day to edit).

You now have the options to edit:

  • Single Guest Amount
  • Double Guest Amount
  • Additional Guest Amount
  • Minimum Stay Days on Arrival – minimum number of days a guest must stay. This is similar to the ‘Min Stay Days’ in the rate type except you can apply it here to individual days – for example having a minimum stay of two days over New Year 31st December.
  • Maximum Stay Days on Arrival – same as above
  • Closed for arrival – a guest can not arrive on this day – for example if the 25th December was selected a guest must arrive at least by the 24th and depart on or after the 26th. No guests will arrive on the 25th.
  • Closed for departure – a guest can not depart on this day.

There is an additional option to filter the view using the ‘Filter’ button.

Delete a Rate

To remove a rate (i.e. offer no rate on a particular day) follow the editing process and select ‘DELETE’ instead of ‘SAVE’.

Deleting rates is a useful way to restrict Benson from offering a rate to a user. If there is no rate it is therefore impossible for Benson to sell that combination of room and rate.

Loading rates can seem like an arduous process but remember that you’ll likely only do major changes in this section once per year (as you release rates for a year). In entering so many rates Benson allows you maximum flexibility and the best analytical tools.

Updated on Sep 26, 2018

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