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Room Rates

The combination of a room type, rate type and a date gives you a rate for a night on Benson and if no rate has been captured that room and rate type combination for that date will not be available.

Viewing Room Rates

Room rates are accessed in RATES under the main menu.

To view a room rate select the ‘Room Type’ and then the ‘Rate Type’ and click ‘LOAD RATES’.

Benson will display 12 months of rates for the room and rate type you selected.

You can also select multiple room and rate types but Benson will only show the next calendar month.

Benson will also show you the availability (number of rooms not deactivated, blocked or occupied) and occupancy (number of rooms occupied by a reservation) for the room type per day.

If you have any Dynamic Formulas and the rate type uses it, Benson will show you the adjustment percentage, booking lead days and availability used to calculate the adjustment. The amounts shown include the adjustments but you can toggle to show the original amounts.

Editing Room Rates

To edit a room rate select the period you want to edit.

You can select your days by:

  • individual day – click the cell on the day
  • entire month – click the month heading
  • days of a week – click the week heading

Tip: To select a large date range take the first day and holding shift on your keyboard, select the last day. (for example 01 Jan  to 31 Dec). Benson will pre-select all 365 days.

Click ‘EDIT RATES’ (the edit button will be faded out until you select at least one day to edit).

Depending on you room and rate type configuration you have the following options to edit:

  • Room Amount
  • One Adult Amount
  • Two Adults Amount
  • Three Adults Amount
  • Four Adults Amount
  • Additional Adult Amount
  • Teen Amount
  • Child Amount
  • Infant Amount

There is an additional option to filter the view using the ‘Filter’ button.

If any of the above values are show (i.e. available) and no value has been captured, that option will not be available.

Deleting Room Rates

To remove a rate (i.e. offer no rate on a particular day) follow the editing process and select ‘DELETE’ instead of ‘SAVE’.

Deleting rates is a useful way to restrict Benson from offering a rate to a user. If there is no rate it is therefore impossible for Benson to sell that combination of room and rate.

Loading rates can seem like an arduous process but remember that you’ll likely only do major changes in this section once per year (as you release rates for a year). In entering so many rates Benson allows you maximum flexibility and the best analytical tools.

Updated on August 22, 2022

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