Add a charge

This tab allows you to add charges, to a reservation using “ADD CHARGE”. You will need to enter data for each of the fields:

  • Date
  • Room
  • Charge Type
  • Description – this is a free-text box
  • Units
  • Charge Price
  • Invoice

Reverse a charge

This function will reverse a charge. Charges that can be reversed have the ‘undo’ icon (a backward facing arrow).

Edit a Charge

If you have the security permission to add Discounts and Refunds, you’ll also have the ability to edit Charges by clicking on the small pencil icon beside the Charge. You can edit any part of the Charge if it is Pending but can only edit the Description of the Charge once it’s been Accrued.

Add a discount

This function allows a user to add a discount on a charge. If the full amount of a charge is to be discounted rather use the Reverse a charge function. The ‘charge amount’ will need to be a negative number (with ‘-‘ inserted before the number).

Cancel a charge

This function will cancel a charge. Charges that can be cancelled have the ‘trash can’ icon and will be pending charges – i.e. forward-dated non-accrued charges. Past charges need to reversed or discounted.

Tip: You can add a charge with a future date. Benson will treat this as a pending charge. Pending charges are accrued each night with the night run.

Pending Charges

Pending charges are future-dated charges. Examples include the future accommodation charges on a reservation and any other user set charges (for example an airport pick up).

Edit Accommodation Charges

This function allows the nightly accommodation charges to be edited. It will only be possible if the user has been given the security right to “Amend Accommodation Charges”.

Accruing charges

You can change a pending charge to an accrued charge manually (in advance of the nightly run). This will only be available for pending charges with the current (today’s) date.

Updated on December 17, 2019

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