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Emailing from Benson

Benson has the functionality to email certain attachments directly from the Benson system – saving time and the need to download a pdf and attached in your email program.

What can I email from Benson?

You can email:

  • a reservation confirmation
  • a pro-forma invoice
  • a closed invoice
  • a client statement (with invoices)

How do I email from Benson?

In the relevant section you will see an email icon (the envelope). Clicking this will bring you to a screen that allows you to select the email address to send to (Benson will already find the relevant email addresses from the reservation). You also have the option to add a message to the email.

You can also specify a “from” email address that you’d like your recipients to see and reply to. You can capture multiple “from” email addresses in the Property section of Benson.

All “from” email addresses added will appear in the “from” email address drop-down list when sending out an email.

How do I see what has been emailed?

Benson emails using an email server that is outsourced. This is common practice in systems. As a result we can’t see a log of what was emailed, nor the contents of those emails.

However, if you want to see and keep a record of emails sent out of Benson, all you need to do is add a BCC email address to your Property. This is done in the Property section. All emails sent from Benson will be sent to the BCC email address as well.

Updated on Feb 11, 2019

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