What is a Client?

A Client on Benson is someone (or some entity) that is valuable to your property and will normally have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • They book and stay regularly at your property
  • You may offer them different and specific rates not necessarily available to the broader public
  • You trust them enough to offer them payment terms and create an account for them

If none of the above apply to a person staying, then Benson best practice suggests they are NOT a Client, but rather a Guest.

Adding a Client

Under the CLIENTS main menu, you can add a Client by clicking ADD NEW CLIENT OR ENTITY.  Select the Client Type first as this will determine what information is required depending on whether the Client Type is a person or an entity.

The following fields are required:

  • Entity Name or Surname
  • Email Address or Primary Contact Number

In order to keep your data clean and usable, only capture details that you know are accurate.  Do not make up values if the fields are not required!

After capturing all the fields click ‘SAVE’.

Finding a Client

There are two ways to look for a Client on Benson.

If you know the Reservation Number or Invoice Number that the Client is linked to, simply capture one of the details in the relevant text box and click ‘VIEW CLIENT’.

Alternatively, type in a part or all of a Name, Email Address or Phone Number and click ‘SEARCH’.  Benson will return a list of all Clients that match the criteria.  The parts that match will be highlighted for your convenience and the order in which the results are displayed will also be ranked in order of the best matches.

When you find the Client you want to View, simply hover over the card and click ‘VIEW’.

The option to Add or Find a Client is not limited to the CLIENTS section of Benson only.  The option will also appear at various stages in the Reservation process.


Updated on October 1, 2018

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