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Client Types

This section is for you to create & mange the different types of client in Benson.

What is a client?

A client could be a regular guest, a travel agent, a corporate  One of the advantages of Benson is that you can have a reservation without keeping the client’s data in the client section. An example of this would be a honeymoon couple booking from overseas and the property does not want to enter them as clients as the likelihood of the guests returning is small. The reservation is full managed on Benson but the client list is keep “clean” as one-off guests are not included.

Client Types

Some typical client types would be:

  • Corporate
  • Travel Agent
  • Guest
  • OTA (Online Travel Agent)
  • Staff
  • Ground Handler

The only choice to make when entering a new client type is whether it is a human person (select “individual”) or an entity (select “entity”).

Deactivating a Client Type

If you no longer want to see a Client Type as an available option when adding or editing a Client, you can deactivate a Client Type by clicking the “Deactivate” checkbox in the Client Type checkbox. This will move the Client Type card to the end of the list and remove it from all relevant drop-down lists on the system.

You can re-activate a Client Type at any point if you need to.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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