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Managing Clients

Client Details

Depending on the selected Client Type, all the details of the person or entity will appear in this section. Simply update any details, as required, and click ‘SAVE’.

You can link any Client to an entity they might be associated with by selecting the entity from the Associated Entity list.  This will allow the Client to benefit from any Exclusive Rate Types that might be offered to the Associated Entity.

The most common scenario for using Associated Entities is when a corporate Client has several employees (individuals loaded as Clients too on Benson) and you want to make the Reservation under the individual’s name but manage the corporate’s Exclusive Rate Types in one place.

Exclusive Rate Types

This section is where you manage which Rate Types are available to the Client.  When assigning the Client an Exclusive Rate Type, you will have the option to give this Client a specific adjustment on the Rate Type’s rates by filling in values for Fixed Amount Adjustment and Percentage Adjustment.

You will also be able to select a different Cancellation and Guarantee Policy here which will override the policies loaded against that Rate Type.  This is useful if you never require a deposit from the Client to confirm a Reservation but the Rate Type requires a deposit.  You can select the appropriate Guarantee Policy here for that Rate Type linked to that Client.

To view or edit an Exclusive Rate Type, simply hover over the card and click ‘VIEW’.  You will be able to change any of the values or ‘Remove’ the link between the Rate Type and the Client completely.

Account Details

Since Client Accounts form a fundamental part of operations and reporting on
Benson, we’ve listed client accounts separately.


Client Notes are very useful to share critical information about a Client throughout Benson.  These Notes could range from specific billing instructions to a food allergy.  This section allows you to manage the Notes for a particular Client, including when and where the Notes should be shown in Benson.

To Add a Note, simply click ‘ADD A NOTE’ and capture the required fields: Note Type and Note.

  • Selecting Public Note will show the Note on documents such as Reservation Confirmations and Invoices.
  • You can also upload a document here for safe-keeping, such as a signed agreement of payment terms between the Property and the Client.
  • And you can tell Benson to always display this Note at any of the following stages in a Reservation by selecting the appropriate box: Checking-in, Checking-out, Creating, Cancelling and Editing a Reservation.

To View an exiting Client Note, simply hover over the card and click ‘VIEW’.  You can also change any details here.


Most travel agents will have more than one contact person that deals with your Property.  These people are known as Consultants on Benson and this is where you can manage the Consultants for each of your Clients.

Click on the ‘ADD A CONSULTANT’ card to get going and load the details of the person who works at the Client.  During the Reservation process you will then be able to select that Consultant (and their contact details) from a list instead of having to type the details in each time.

To change the contact details of a Consultant, simply click ‘VIEW’ on the relevant card and change the necessary details.

Originating Agents

We’ve listed originating agents separately.

Updated on February 11, 2019

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