The front desk dashboard is the hub of your daily operations. You can see the check-outs and check-ins to be done for the day, post your bills from Lightspeed POS (our restaurant Point of Sale integration) and get easy access to the day’s guest list and notes.

Tip: Remember that at the end of the day, there must be ‘No one is checking-out’ and ‘No one is checking-in’ on this page.

Posting Lightspeed Bills (if this is activated)

Clicking ‘ASSIGN BILLS’ on the dashboard page will enable Benson to retrieve all closed Lightspeed bills for your property.

You will need to select the bills you wish to assign by clicking ‘SELECT’.

You can then assign those bills to a client’s or a room’s invoice by clicking ‘SEARCH CLIENT INVOICE’ or ‘SEARCH ROOM INVOICE’.

  • A client invoice posts the bill directly to a client’s invoice so you need to search for the client to use on the following screen.
  • A room invoice posts to an invoice within a reservation so the screen will display all the open invoices on checked in reservations in Benson. Rooms check-out or not yet checked-in will NOT appear and will NOT accept iKentoo bills.

Once you’ve searched for your invoice (there could be more than one to choose from depending on how you have searched for it) and found it, simply click “Select” and Benson will send the bill to that Invoice. The charges, gratuities and payments will be split up into their relevant Charge and Payment Types and will now appear on that Invoice.

Updated on October 24, 2023

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