Night Run

What is the Night Run?

The night run is the action that Benson takes to charge the day’s accommodation charges (on the default accommodation charge) and then close that’s days business. Once it has run, the sales and payments for that day are closed and can never be edited.

The sales, payments and debtors reports can therefore run and will always contain the same data.

When does it run?

The times is can run vary from1 18h00 to 06h00 to following day. A property may wish to delay the report to allow its food and beverage operations to cash-up, for example. It is therefore possible for charges to be made on the previous day’s actual date if say a barman posts a bill at 02h00am to a guest’s invoice. Equally a property that wants to run the night run early can do so after 18h00 (if it felt that that day’s activity was at a close).

The run can be manually run any time after 18h00.

It can be automatically set to run between 12h00am and 06h00am.

Dropbox integration

Our integration with Dropbox allows the reports to be put into a dropbox folder on your computer automatically.

The following reports are generated:

  • Closed Invoices
  • Deports Report (as a .pdf and .txt file)
  • Guest List Report¬†(as a .pdf and .txt file)
  • Payments Report (as a .pdf and .txt file)
  • Sales Report (as a .pdf and .txt file)

To activate Dropbox see the settings section.

Updated on September 21, 2018

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