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Automatically Cancel Reservations

This section discusses how Benson automatically cancels Reservations on your behalf. For more information on manually cancelling Reservations, click here.

Setting up Auto-Cancellation

To activate the auto-cancellation process, head over to your Property settings, to the Property Options tab. In the “Days Before Auto-Cancellation” field, put in the number of days after creating a booking that you’d like a Reservation to be cancelled.

You change the date of auto-cancellation on any Reservation, at any time, or remove it altogether from the Reservation Details tab when viewing a Reservation.

Cancellation Warning Emails

Benson has an additional Automated Email that can assist with warning your Clients and/or Contact persons before cancellation takes place. You can read more about Automated Emails here.

How it Works

On the date of auto-cancellation, Benson will cancel the Reservation at 18:00 that day. If the Cancellation Confirmation automated email has been activated for your Property, Benson will send one of those out as well.

Only Reservations with a Status of “Provisional” will be automatically cancelled.

If there are any Payments on the Reservation, or any Accrued Charges, Benson will not be able to automatically Cancel the Reservation as these Payments and Charges will need to be handled and the Reservation will need to be manually Cancelled.

Updated on December 23, 2020

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