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Manage a reservation

Clicking on a reservation in either the reservations OVERVIEW, the SEARCH RESERVATION or in FRONT DESK sections will allow you to perform all functionality around a reservation – adding charges & payments, checking in & out, moving rooms, adding notes etc.

We’ve detailed cancelling a reservation in a separate article. This is only before a reservation is checked-in.

We’ve detailed splitting a reservation in a separate article. This is only possible if two or more rooms are in the reservation.

Reservations Details

This is the overview of a particular reservation. You can edit the following information in this tab:

  • Reservation Name
  • Originating Agent
  • Client details
  • Contact details

You can also email & download (as a .pdf) a reservation confirmation here using the icons in the top right.


We’ve detailed this in a separate article.


We’ve detailed this in a separate article.


This tab allows you to add payment to a reservation. You will need to enter data for each of the fields:

  • Payment Type
  • Description – this is a free-text box
  • Payment Amount
  • Invoice

A negative payment is a ‘Refund’. The ‘Payment Amount’  will need to be a negative number (with ‘-‘ inserted before the number). You can also edit the Description of a Payment once it has been created and can change the Payment Type so long as this is done on the same day that the Payment was added.


We’ve detailed this in a separate article.

This creates a link between reservations. We have a separate article detailing this process.


This section allows you to add notes to a reservation. You will need to select:

  • Note Type
  • Public Note – this allows the note to be displayed on the reservation confirmation
  • Note – the text that you want to use
  • Remind me on (time): Arrival, Departure, Guarantee Due Date, A Specific Time
  • Choose a file: you can upload a document to a note
  • Display this note on (process): Check-in, Check-out, Cancel Reservation, Edit Reservation.
  • Comment: different users can add comments


Updated on September 3, 2019

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