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Cancel a Reservation

If the Reservation needs to be cancelled, simply click ‘CANCEL RESERVATION’ at the bottom of the RESERVATION DETAILS section.  You will need to provide a Cancellation Reason.

Optionally, you can Apply a Cancellation Penalty by selecting the check box and then capturing the Amount and allocating it to an Invoice.  Benson will advise if it has calculated a Cancellation Penalty based on the rules of the Cancellation Policy.

Click ‘CONFIRM’ to process the cancellation.

Don’t forget you can report on Cancelled Reservations by drawing a Performance Report in Back Office and see which of your Clients are cancelling more reservations than they’re keeping.

Undoing & reinstating a Cancellation

If you or a Client makes a mistake and you need to undo the cancellation of a reservation, then simply find the reservation in question by selecting the option to Search for CANCELLED Reservations.

Manage the Reservation and click ‘UNDO CANCELLATION’ at the bottom of the Reservation Details section.  A message will prompt you to confirm that you want to reinstate the Reservation and that some Rooms may be changed depending on availability.

Click ‘YES’ to confirm the above and the Reservation will be reinstated with all the original details.  The Status will be calculated and updated according to the latest information and Guarantee Policy criteria.

Updated on September 26, 2018

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