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DropBox Integration

Learn how to back-up your important documents using Benson’s integration with cloud-based storage system DropBox.

Setting Up DropBox

Setting up the integration between Benson and Dropbox is a very simple process. The only thing you will need to have set up beforehand is an actual DropBox account specific to your Property. Benson will be linking up to this account.

To get things going, head over to the “Integrations” section of Benson. Find the “DropBox” card and open it up. You’ll notice that the only thing to do is click on the “Activate Integration” box. Once you do this, Benson will direct you to DropBox where you will need to specify which DropBox account will be linked to Benson. Having done this, DropBox will route you back to Benson and your integration will be completed and activated.

A folder called ‘App’ will appear in your Dropbox profile. You can move this folder around your Dropbox account but you can not share this folder (a restriction imposed by Dropbox) and it can only be linked to one Dropbox account¬†(a restriction imposed by Dropbox).

Receiving Data from Benson into Dropbox

The purpose of Benson’s integration with DropBox is to ensure that you always have access to your most important documents and data.

Every 30 minutes, Benson will send documents such as invoices, reservation confirmations, guest lists and note reports to your Dropbox account. This means that, if your property loses internet connection for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to grab these documents from your DropBox account should you need them. Benson will delete these files from the DropBox folder every 3 days to save on space as they only serve as a temporary backup for rare occasions!

Secondly, Benson will automatically generate all reports from the Back Office for a month-to-fate period and upload these to DropBox at midnight each day. These reports will not get deleted and will remain in the DropBox folder for as long as you’d like them to.

Updated on September 26, 2018

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