Google Hotels

This guides you through our integration with Google Hotels, Google’s answer to hotel pricing.

Time to work: 72 hours (allowing for time for Google to verify and activate the connection)

What is Google Hotels?

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Ownership of your Google Business Account

To get started you need to own your Google Business account. This is done on Google.

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De-Activation (if necessary)

You may need to de-activate an existing Google Hotels connection if you have one already set up. The provider of this connection is able to do this, but you will need to contact them to instruct this.


All aspects of this integration are handled by Benson support (due to the technical nature of the work)

Your web booking engine will need to be set up and actived.

Benson Support will get you loaded to their Google Hotel Account (approx time to activate 48 hours for Google to Verify data)

Benson Support will activate the Google Hotel Account on the backend (approx time to activate 5 mins)

The feed will be live.


Updated on October 24, 2023

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