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Paygate Integration

Paygate is a payment gateway that allows you to take credit card payments directly from the Benson Web Booking Engine. Your guests will make a payment as the final step of their booking and this is done directly with Paygate so there are no credit card details that come to you or Benson.

Paygate operates in Southern Africa and links to all the major banks in the region.

Time to work: 5 mins

Before the Integration

You’ll need to contact Paygate Support and obtain the following before you start the integration:

  1. Terminal ID
  2. Encryption Key

Setting Up Paygate

Benson’s integration with Paygate comes into play whenever a guest creates a booking through Benson’s web booking engine. Once the guest has done all that is needed to send their booking through to Benson, they will be given the option to make a payment through Paygate which will, if successful, automatically go through to Benson.

To activate Paygate on Benson, head over to your Web Booking Engine settings pages. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll need to provide Benson with your Paygate Terminal ID, an encryption key and a Payment Type you’ll be mapping the payment to.

Updated on November 1, 2023

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