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TallOrder Integration

This guides you through our integration with TallOrder Point of Sale, one of South Africa’s leading POS systems.

Time to work: 5 mins (but allow 24 hours for Tall Order to activate on their side)

1. Setting up TallOrder

To get started on integrating your TallOrder account of Benson, make sure you are in contact with TallOrder’s support team as the bulk of the integration set up is done by them.

Head over to the ‘Integrations’ section in Benson and add an integration for TallOrder.

When you save & activate the integration Benson will automatically assign a property code to your account.

This code needs to be given to TallOrder’s support team for them to activate. Please be aware that this is will take 24 hours or so to activate.

2. Room Type Activation

You will need to activate the room types you want TallOrder bills to come in to. This will be typically all your “real rooms” but should exclude waitlist rooms or anything where a guest will not really stay.

3. Charge Type Activation

You will need to specify which charge types TallOrder will charged to. This would typically be one called “Restaurant”. It is possible to have multiple charge types for example, Curio Shop, Spa etc.

The list of activated charge types needs to be given to TallOrder’s support team for activation their side.

4. Payment Type Activation

Activate the payments you want to link to. Remember that on TallOrder there needs to be a payment type called “Room” (or something similar) to allow the bills on TallOrder to close. When these bills come in to Benson they will come without a payment as your clients will be paying them when they check out so there should not be a corresponding payment type for this. Other payments like Cash and Credit Card should have corresponding payment types on both Benson and Tall Order.

The list of activated payment types also needs to be given to TallOrder’s support team for activation their side.


Updated on October 31, 2023

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