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GuestRevu Integration

Everything you need to know about Benson’s connection to guest feedback and reputation manager GuestRevu.

Time to work: 5 mins

Preparing for the Integration

Before setting up the integration between Benson and GuestRevu, you’ll need have a GuestRevu account set up already for the property you’re wanting to link with on Benson.

  • In your GuestRevu account create a user for the Benson integration with the login address being: support@bensonsoftware.com
  • You need to retrieve the Account ID of your property on GuestRevu. This is visible on the main GuestRevu page.

Doing the Integration

Head over to the Benson / Integration Page

Create a new integration using the ‘Add Integration’ button in the top right.

  • Name: Choose your name for the integration (normally ‘GuestRevu’)
  • Account ID: Your property number (as per above)
  • Activate: select the integration.

If the integration has paired successfully it will return a green ‘success’ message.

Benson’s integration with GuestRevu does not require you to do anything except set things up as explained above. The process of sending guest data to GuestRevu is done automatically by Benson.

What data is sent and when

The email address(es) sent to GuestRevu are taken from the room tab on a reservation. This is not necessarily the contact on the reservation (who may be another third party like a travel agent consultant).

As a room is checked-out, Benson will send this (or these) email address(es) to GuestRevu.

It is important to keep in mind that Benson will only send through data to GuestRevu provided that the guests in your rooms have email address(es) captured. If no email address is captured under the room tab, nothing will be sent.

To prevent a review being sent

To prevent a guest getting a request to review simply remove the email address from the room.

Updated on September 7, 2023

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