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GuestRevu Integration

Everything you need to know about Benson’s connection to guest feedback and reputation manager GuestRevu.

Setting Up GuestRevu

Before setting up the integration between Benson and GuestRevu, you’ll need have a GuestRevu account set up already for the property you’re wanting to link with on Benson.

You’ll need three important bits of data from GuestRevu:

  • Your username / email address used to log into GuestRevu
  • The Account ID of the property on GuestRevu that you’ll be matching with property on Benson.
  • The “MD5Hash” key for your GuestRevu account. If you’re not sure on how to find this value, we recommend that you contact GuestRevu’s support on how to grab it.

With these three values on hand, head over to the “GuestRevu” card in Benson’s “Integration” section and open it up.

Immediately you’ll see where you need to capture these three important values.Each field has been named to match with the values you have from GuestRevu. Once you have all three of these captured, you’ll be able to Activate the integration and get going.

Sending Data to GuestRevu

Benson’s integration with GuestRevu does not require you to do anything except set things up as explained above. The entire process of sending guest data to GuestRevu will be done automatically when you check guests out of Benson.

For example, when a room is ready to be checked-out, you will follow the wizard on Benson as usual. As soon as you have confirmed that the room is checked-out, Benson will gather the necessary guest information that was captured and send it off to GuestRevu.

It is important to keep in mind that Benson will only send through data to GuestRevu provided that the guests in your rooms have at least an email address captured. If no email address is captured for the guest, that guest’s information will not be sent.

GuestRevu Notes

In the “GuestRevu” section of Benson, there will be a “Notes” tab that will keep track of what guest data gets sent to GuestRevu whenever a room is checked-out. You’ll be able to see which reservation the guest data was a part of and you’ll also be able to see if there was anything to send in the first place. You can consult the “notes” section for any queries regarding what was and what wasn’t sent to GuestRevu from Benson.

Updated on Sep 26, 2018

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