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Xero Integration

This guides you through our integration with Xero accounting software.

Time to work: 5 mins

What is posted and when

At the end of each day Benson performs the night run. Part of this process can include Benson posting the day’s charges, as a manual journal, to Xero (using the mapping done on set up).

A second post will also be done for the day’s payments.

This is done every night for as long as the integration is live and should ensure that your Xero account has the most up to date sales and payment information.

Before the integration

A user in Xero needs to create a ‘Benson Control Account’.

This is a dedicated account that acts as a contra account for all postings made by Benson. For more info on what a contract account is see: https://central.xero.com/

1. Starting the integration

You’ll need someone who has access to the company’s Xero account (with a Xero login) on hand

Head to the Settings / Integrations Page and create an Integration for Xero using the dropdown list.

Activate the integration and you will be taken to the Xero login page where you need to login.

Select the company that you are linking. Click ‘Allow Access’.

You will be re-directed back to Benson and the link is now live.

You need to map this to the Benson Control Account created in Xero. This is the contra account against which all charges and payments will be made. Its balance should always equal the amount shown on the bottom right of the Benson Debtors Report.

Under each charge type you will need to map the charge to a corresponding account in Xero.

Under each payment type you will need to map the payment to a corresponding account in Xero.

This is optional and only necessary if you want to use Xero’s tracking categories function to split out charges between different categories.

Missing charges / payments

Remember that if you create a new charge type or payment type you must map this in the integration

If you have missed a day you can manually edit the postings in Xero. We also allow for a day’s postings to be re-posted (using the ‘Manually Update’ tab). Please remember that this function will NOT delete any old postings which needs to be done manually in Xero.

My Benson Control account in Xero does not match the Benson Debtors Figure

The circumstances that may make this happen are:

  • A new charge type or payment type was created on Benson but not mapped to Xero. You’ll need to track back to when this was done and manually add the charges or payments to each day’s manual posting in Xero.
  • A day’s postings were not passed through to Xero. You’ll need to check that the Xero integration is still working – if the user’s password was changed this can de-link the integration. You can then post the missing days using the ‘manual update’ function in the integration.
Updated on November 11, 2023

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