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Nightsbridge Integration

Everything you need to know Benson’s integration with Nightsbridge.

Setting Up Nightsbridge

To get started on linking your Nightsbridge account with Benson, make sure you have your Nightsbridge BBID with you as well as any Room Type IDs and Rate codes as specified under “NB Settings” in Nightsbridge. You’re going to be plugging these codes into Benson so that they correspond to the Room Types and Rate Types you’ve got in the system.

Firstly, head over to the “Integrations” section on Benson and open up the “Nightsbridge” card. Before you can activate the integration, you need to link your property in Benson to your property in Nightsbridge under the “Company Map” section of the Nightsbridge popup.

Click the “Select their field” drop-down list and select “BBID”. In the “Select Value” drop-down list, select your property’s name as it appears in Benson. In the “Map Value” field, capture your BBID here and click the “+” button to establish the connection.

Now that you’ve mapped your property to Nightsbridge, you can link your Room Types and Rate Types from Benson to Nightsbridge. In the “Select their field” drop-down list, choose “ROOMTYPEID” and match it up with a Room Type from the “Select Value” drop-down list that you’d like to link with Nightsbridge. In the “Map Value” field, capture the Room Type ID that you would have found in your Nightsbridge account. What this means is that you’re going to link the Room Type ID from Nightsbridge to a Room Type in Benson. You can follow a similar process with Rate Types to have Benson’s Rate Types linked to the Rate Types on Nightsbridge.

Once you’ve mapped your property, rate types and room types, you’re ready to activate the Nightsbridge integration.

Sending & Receiving Reservations and Inventory

With the integration activated and ready to go, there are two key things that will now occur between Benson and Nightsbridge.

Firstly, any reservation that is created in Nightsbridge will automatically be sent through to and created in Benson. Provided that Benson can match the selected Rate and Room Type specified by Nightsbridge in the booking, this creation should happen without any problems.

Secondly, your Nightsbridge availablity will be managed by Benson.

Every time your availability on Benson is affected by creating, editing or canceling a reservation, Nightsbridge will be sent an inventory update automatically for the entire affected period. The same applies to whenever a Room is blocked on Benson. In other words, you won’t need to manually send through inventory updates unless the internet goes some or under some other similar circumstance.

NightsBridge will only receive availability from Benson and the Rates on Nightsbridge are managed only on Nightsbridge. Should any Rates come through on a reservation into Benson that do not correspond to the way they should appear on Benson, the reservation will be created regardless.

Updated on December 17, 2019

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